Organizational and technical INSTRUCTIONS

The event will be taking place on October 21, 2020, via the Zoom platformwhich you can install via
To participate in the conference and online B2B meetings, you need a quality internet connection and a laptop with a webcam, a microphone (or other PC / tablet) on which you can connect to the event.
Please read the following technical and organizational INSTRUCTIONS carefully before registering.

Online registration until 7th of October 2020

Participation in the event is subject to the approval of the registration and the payment of the registration fee no later than 7th October 2020.

Fill in the required data and your company profile carefully. Briefly describe what you offer, what you are looking for and under what conditions. Your profile will be visible throughout the open registration period and you can edit it continuously. All you have to do is log in to your profile with your password.

Booking of B2B negotiations 8th -13th October 2020

Log in to your company profile and choose from the list of registered participants for B2B negotiations according to your preferences (so-called pairing).

• At the same time you can be contacted with a request for a meeting from another SMF participant. It is your decision which meeting you will accept. Meetings can also be rejected, freeing up capacity for future meetings. If you do not reject the meeting, you will be automatically paired and this meeting will enter to your B2B negotiations schedule after the end of the pairing period.

• The schedule of your B2B negotiations, including registration links for individual meetings, will be sent to the contact e-mail provided in the registration a few days before the event.

One day before the Event 20th October

Please install the ZOOM platform

Download the application here:

If you have not yet created an account on the Zoom platform, create one at: In the line "First Name", enter the name of your company as you have entered it in the registration for the SMF event.

• If you already have an account created on the ZOOM platform, change your username in "My Profile", in the line "First Name", enter the name of your company as you have entered it in the registration for the SMF event.

Browse the schedule of your B2B negotiations and prepare documents, samples, presentations, you would like to show and present to business partners via the "Share Screen" function.

Prepare a comfortable environment and book your time for the day of the event (21st October 2020).


Log in to the SMF Opening and panel discussions via a unique link and under the company name identical to the SMF event registration. The link is valid for one device (notebook / PC / tablet / mobile phone) and will be sent to the contact e-mail specified in the registration profile a few days before the event, together with a schedule of B2B negotiations.

• If the identity of the participant will not be possible to identify during the event, as a registered and paying participant, he or she may be denied the access to the online SMF without compensation!

• Use the Q/A icon to ask questions directly (in written form) to the panel discussion moderator.

• The official opening and panel discussions will take place in Slovak and at the same time will be simultaneously interpreted into English. You can switch the language via the Interpretation icon.

• If you need to have a break for a while (discharged battery, etc.), please reconnect via your unique link.


For B2B negotiations, you have to log in to the ZOOM platform under the company name identical to the registration on SMF again, but now via the link belonging to the specific negotiation, see your schedule of negotiations.

• The schedule of B2B negotiations was sent to you a few days before the event.

• Each B2B negotiation has its own unique link.

• Negotiations take place in 19 + 1 minute slots. The last minute is used to disconnect and reconnect to the next scheduled meeting. The time of the individual slots is strictly defined and the meeting will be automatically disconnected after 20 minutes.

• The English language is officially established for bilateral negotiations with foreign companies. Interpretation of negotiations is not provided.

After the Event

The recording of the official opening and panel discussions will be sent after the event to the contact e-mail address specified in the registration, together with the catalog of SMF 2020 participants and the feedback questionnaire.