SARIO Diversification Services

 represent a new activity of the SARIO agency aimed at supporting diversification of local companies towards high-tech & high-growth sectors.

Does your company operate in areas such as electronics, mechanical engineering, progressive materials or ICT, and are you at the same time eager to innovate? Then our Diversification Services are here for you! We will help you to utilize the experience and technological potential of your company as well as to find new growth opportunities and partners in Slovakia and abroad.

SARIO Diversification Services are currently systematically working with four sectors: space industry, aviation industry, green & smart mobility, and medical technology. Our consultancy services are however not limited to these areas and they take into consideration current specialization of respected companies as well as new prospective sectors relevant for them.

In case you are interested in our consultancy during the event, you can visit the SARIO/Investment Projects Department table or register a meeting through the online portal. 


All services are free of charge.