Effective digitization in administrative processes

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia (DTSE Slovakia) is an internal provider of financial and purchasing services for Deutsche Telekom Group companies worldwide. In recent years, DTSE Slovakia has undergone a transformation from a classic shared services center to a sought-after internal partner providing services that streamline processes in the back office through digitization and artificial intelligence.

Robotization of repetitive administrative processes, in-depth analysis of their course (process mining), work with unstructured data using artificial intelligence are just a few examples that have already brought significant results at Deutsche Telekom. Even internal processes in administration can be surprisingly simple, intelligent and efficient, thus helping to continuously improve the whole company. In addition, the ambition to digitize changes the view of the portfolio of provided services as well as the necessary knowledge of employees.

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia will also present demonstrations of digitization and automation of specific processes.

Source: Deutsche Telekom Services Europe Slovakia s.r.o.


Boost effectiveness of your comapny by making it easier for everyone to sign documents electronically anytime and anywhere or by automating your document workflows – using a one-click eSignature process. E-Signature provides a quick & easy , legally binding, eco-conscious and most importantly highly secure way to electronically sign agreements, even from portable devices on the go, even perhaps by all signatories at the same time. eSignature enables us to transform internal processes (as an example sending of job offers) and processes of our customers, too (eSignature of contracts) into the digital environment.

Smart Data Extraction (powered by ABBYY)

One of the possibilities of automation by „stupid bots“ is smart data recognition. The purpose of this automation is to process unstructured data in digital form to retrieve data in a structured form. One of the examples is in the area of real estate processes: scanned invoices for energy consumption are processed by the tool. Results are stored in the structured file which can be directly loaded to ERP software.